Weddings | Denise & Dan | Wychmere Beach Club


Where do I start?  Denise & Dan are one of the most sweetest couples I have ever met. Denise and Dan have been married for 10 years already but never had the wedding of their dreams.  Now with three little ones, Denise and Dan decided to renew their vows and celebrate their marriage.  Watching Denise get ready for her wedding with the help of her two little girls was beautiful!  Seeing the youngest flower girl do spins in her dress was absolutely adorable!  Wychmere Beach Club in Cape Cod provided the stunning backdrop for their beautiful day. Although it was a bit windy, the day was absolutely perfect.  Even though they have been married for years, Denise & Dan acted just like newlyweds.  Thank you to Renee for shooting with me that day.